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visual artist, traveler and researcher

always on the move and searching for refinement and deepening.

Several disciplines meet in material and technique

New options are studied and impressions are caught in visuals.

His residence of many years and frequent travels in Asia, his passion for techniques and materials are expressed in his current work.

This work presently consists of three forms.


resulting shadow form

This working method consists of abstract, graphic, often rhythmic images their name being inspired by the dominant repetition of the image.



This form of expression is an observation of, and flirt with modern and traditional writing of characters.

The unreadables are not presented as letter or word but as image. The image is an esthetic expression. The translation into esthetic expression is an adventure in which various materials, tools, types of fat and inks are experimented with.



This photographs are serial-like representations of everyday moments, often gathered under a specific theme.

spiritual houses”, “night and food market” andpeople transport”


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